Friday, July 1, 2016

About Golden Brown

Golden Brown makes art move. We create video content, installations, performances, interactions and character designs for businesses that want to reach out to audiences in new and interesting ways. We use drawing, painting and sculptural techniques to create videos with visual effects that computer animation and compositing cannot match. These techniques combined with our comprehensive understanding of art history give us a versatile approach to style and tone to give businesses a voice that is both appropriate and unique. We bring these same skills and techniques to clients that want to reach out to audiences in non- traditional formats. These services help companies define themselves to their customers as humans that love art and expression.

Riptide Rhapsody Trailer from Golden Brown on Vimeo.

Riptide Rhapsody is our Stop Motion Animation we made over the last seven years. It is made using hand made puppets on constructed sets. It is currently being screened at various Film Festivals around the world. We recently Found out that we won a PLATINUM AWARD from the Spotlight Short Film Awards!

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